The following webinar recordings will be found in the Video Library on the pages listed here.

Effective Use of Technology                                            Page 1

Colin Martin demonstrates how to use iPads/tablets/Smartphones and the latest technology to run your business more effectively (even though the products discussed will go out of date, their business use still follows the same principle). Colin looks at the role of tablets, both as in-car devices and in conjunction with cloud computing to share data and diaries. This webinar is for those already using this technology in the car as well as those considering how one could help run their business.

Selling Lessons Online                                                   Page 1

Colin Martin discusses how, as we all buy more goods and services online, driving lessons are going to be no exception. This webinar shows you how to sell and get paid for lessons through your website or Facebook page, and how you can control it from your mobile phone or tablet/iPad diary.

Content Management with WordPress                           Page 1

Tony Lane, an ADI for 20 years and self-taught web developer, can provide you with a bespoke driving school website template and teach you how to ad and change the content yourself, so you remain in control. In this webinar, Tony shows you how to login to your website dashboard, edit a page that has been set up for yoou, and add an image.

An Introduction to Taking Payments Online via PayPal   Page 1

This webinar, presented by Colin Martin, aims to show how simple and effective this method of taking payments can be. If you have a website that you manage, and would like to add this payment method but don't know how, then this recording is well worth your time.

In-vehicle Technology                                                     Page 1

This presentation from Stephen Tams, formerly Risk Watch Training (as shown on the recording) but now of Phoenix Risk Solutions, outlines the types of technology we have on our cars today and what will be on our learners' cars in the near future. It is therefore worthwhile (and a means of some extra revenue) for us to ensure our learners have a basic understanding of the technology they can expect to have on their cars after they have passed their test.

Apps for Driving Instructors                                            Page 2

Here Neil Beaver, creator of Robosoul apps, and former ADI, demonstrates the two 'must-have' apps from his ever growing collection: Road Board (however did I manage without it?) and Road Pad. If you haven't already got these apps (where have you been?) then take a look and go straight away to your app store and download them! Website address and contact details for Neil are on the recording.

Neil Beaver's Robosoul Apps                                          Page 3

In this 2nd webinar for The Dile, Neil introduces his newest (at the time!) apps, as well as taking a brief look at a few of the established ones. If you've not used any of Neil's apps yet, then this is a must-see recording for you. And even if you are a seasoned user, you might be surprised by some of the things Neil shows you can be done with the apps.