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Creating a Social Media Event                                     

Presented by Mac McDade from Ideas4ADIs, this webinar shows you how you can generate new business using social media platforms. Engaging with social media is becoming commonplace for all sizes and types of business these days, however, it can be time consuming and sometimes tedious if it's not your thing. Many businesses don't use this medium to its full effect and neglect to appreciate that if you engage with your customers through social media, you are also engaging with all their friends too. In this webinar Mac shows you how to set up an engaging online event, using social media channels, that is quick, easy and cheap as chips. You don't need to be social media or super net savvy to benefit from this presentation.

Setting Your Social Signals for Google                         

Social Media is great for increasing your brand awareness and generating more sales leads, but how about the impact it has on your search position? Martin Reynolds, SEO and Social Media expert, shows you a few tweaks, tips and techniques to use with Social Media that will make Google love you!

Setting your Facebook Signals for Google                 

In this webinar presentation, following on from his previous presentation concerning Google keywords, Martin Reynolds now shows you how to find the most significant keywords to use in your Facebook marketing.

Setting Your Social Signals for Google Plus                  

This is Martin's 3rd webinar in his series about using keywords effectively in each of the Social Media platforms. Because this is Google's own social media platform, and Google is the most influential of the search engines, with Bing and Yahoo following up behind, it makes sense to ensure you have a Google Plus account and set it up well for Google.

Blogging for Success                                                     

This is webinar number four for Martin Reynolds' series on how to raise your personal and driving school profile for Google, using keywords in each of the main social media platforms. Blogging, although not social media, is extremely important to help rank your website on p1 in Google searches (and other search engines too). In this presentation, Martin will show you how to optimise your blog to create a buzz, increase traffic and improve your search presence.

Facebook Ads

Martin Reynolds returns with this webinar showing you how to get your message to your exact target audience for just a few £££s! This presentation will really help you to get started with Facebook advertising, or maybe improve any Facebook ads you already have running.